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Custom Race Car Building & Car Prep

The technicians at the Christensen Collision Center in Gardnerville, Nevada, are truly passionate about race car building and prep. We've been building race cars and racing since 1968, doing both road racing and dirt ovals. If you need a custom race car built, we're your source for fiberglass work, row bars, suspension, and car bodies. We'll work on a variety of vehicles for all different racing styles, including road racing, dirt racing, and oval track racing. Paved or dirt roads, it doesn't matter to us. We'll help you get out on the track, prepped, and ready to win with a car that will make the other drivers nervous.

Racing Flags

Race Car Prep

Race car prep is offered before every race, and we'll assist anyone who needs our help. To ensure your safety and give you a real opportunity to win, we'll check the suspension, geometry, tow-in, and tow-out - steps that should be taken before every race. Our service also includes checking the corner weighting, which is very important in racing. As one of the only local companies who offer race car prep, we have years of experience and knowledge in the industry.